Is Upgrade Necessary With Symantec Or Norton?

Is Upgrade Necessary With Symantec Or Norton?

Why Should I Upgrade Norton Anti Virus ?

The business world has a direct connection with Symantec. The brand emphasizes larger corporations and enterprises while their Norton wing focuses on the average consumer. Their anti-virus products are built using the same code and developed by the same team. This means all related threats are countered, andnothing goes amiss. Symantec works hard on patching problems for both set of products rather than focusing on one. Those who are using a product from this company need to upgrade their product immediately.

Googles Project Zerodissected Symantecs vulnerabilities to illustrate where the core engine was lacking. This was completed during a research study byTavis Ormandywho works for Google.

What were the vulnerabilities? There was a range of them including minimal user interaction and a default configuration with complete access for the software. This meant the code would load into the kernel and cause memory corruption. This can tamper with the machine and ruin it for those who are unaware.

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Additional vulnerabilities include attackers being able to access any computer connected to the device theyve hacked. For example, a Malware file gets onto the system and has an executable file which is compressed. The software doesnt pick up on this file and lets it go through. This means the operating systems kernel allows the malware file hide and thats when complete access is offered. It allows the hacker to run the device from their location. Read Full Story


How Norton Stops Cyber Super Villains

How Norton Stops Cyber Super Villains

Norton Has Gotten Good At Stopping Cyber Super Villains

Cyber attacks are a part of life these days. Most people have one story or another about how their computer faced malware or viruses, or their smaller computers their phones were stuck with an unrelenting spoofer, or how their email was hacked.

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Such cyber attacks like the recentWanna Cry Ransomwareattack occur on a much more frequent basis than most people realize or care to admit. One security firm found notes that 27 million new strains of malware blossomed in 2012 alone. Thats like having an average of 74,000 new virus strains show up daily for an entire year. While it might seem hard to wrap your head around, its important to guard against such attacks.

It turns out that 33% or more of computers worldwide actually already are infected with a computer virus. The problem with a computer virus is that it is seldom isolated. It looks to your friends as its next victims just through their dealings with you.

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The BBC reports that in addition to computer viruses, and identity theft, hackers employ Trojans to take control of your webcam. This allows them to turn it on and off as they please. It is mostly targeted at unsuspecting women who may give no thought to dressing or undressing with their laptop open (and their camera inadvertently on.) This is where it gets worse. The hackers take photos of the women and resell them online. Full Story Here


Symantec States It is Highly Like That A North Korean Group Is Responsible For Ransomware Attacks

Symantec States It is Highly Like That A North Korean Group Is Responsible For Ransomware Attacks


On Monday the cyber security company Symantecstated that is was highly likely that a North Korean affiliated hacking group was responsible for the WannaCry cyber attack that occurred this past month and infected over 300,000 computers all over the world and disrupted schools, banks and hospitals worldwide.

Symantec researchers report that they found multiple occurrences of code that were used in both earlier WannaCry versions and previous activity that has been linked to the North Korean group and now highly recommend users install Norton antivirus and update any existing version of its software

The name Lazarus has been given by security companies to the group that was behind the Sony hacking attack as well as others. Earlier Symantec had said that they dont attribute cyber campaigns to governments directly, however its researchers dint dispute the widely held belief that the group Lazarus works for the North Korean government.

In the meantime Vikram Thakur, who is the security response technical director for Symantec, stated in an interview that the flaws within the WannaCry code, its broad reach and demand for payment in electronic bitcoin in order to decrypt the damaged files, all suggest that the hackers werent working for the government of North Korea.

What Is WannaCry?

For the uninitiated,WannaCry is ransomwarethat has infected hundreds of thousands of computers all over the world. Most reports suggest that Britains public system has been hit very badly, and reportedly entire wards haveclosed and staff from the National Health Servicehas been sent home.An automated system was used by the WannaCry version that has spread like wildfire andwreaked havoc was based on EternalBlue, which is a hacking tool that the Shadow Brokers hacking group was able to steal from the U.S. National Security Agency.

The theory that the reason for WannaCry to be deployed was to cause chaos worldwide and prove that Lazarus and North Korea by extension was capable of deploying a serious crippling attack has been dismissed by Symantec researchers.The very same command-and-control server was used by the WannaCry attacks that were used in the hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment by North Korea in 2014, which wiped out almost half of the corporations servers and personal computers.In addition, the researchers state that the same tools were used in earlier Lazarus attacks on media companies and banks in 2013 in South Korea, were used in this WannaCry ransomeware episode as well.The tools have evolved, however they are what researchers refer to as variants of those same tools that were utilized in other attacks. Full Story Is Here


Dell Discounts And Coupon Code Offers

Dell Discounts And Coupon Code Offers

Dell Coupon Code Offers Where To Get Them ?

Dell.commakes the type of desktop computers and laptops that can help all of your creative ideas spring to life, and with our Dell coupons it makes getting one of these computers even easier. Deep discounts have been found by the coupon curators, including 55% off on all-in-one desktop Inspiron One 23 Touch, 20% off and free shipping on any monitor, and 20% off select products- all from using Dell coupons. Your buying experience is made even better by Dells excellent customer service via phone or online chat. Whenever you use a Dell coupon code, 3% of your purchased are donated by Dell to your favorite charity in addition to you enjoying great savings.

Dell is one of the leading retailers and manufacturers of business and personal computers, peripherals, servers and monitors. The key toDells successis simple develop affordable and practical computers that do the job right without breaking the budget, and have an award-winning technical support staff to back them up.

The Dell website has two major sections to it: Dell Home caters to the end-user. These computer systems offer maximum value or maximum performance (depending on what your priorities are) in a sleek and stylish package. These models include the enthusiast Alienware line, the premium XPS and mainstream Inspiron. The other section is Dell Small Business, which is more catered towards corporate and small business buyers. Those systems offer maximum support, security and reliability. Models include the workstation-oriented PowerEdge and Precision servers, premium Latitude and mainstreamOptiplexandVostro. A broad range of Dell monitors and other peripherals are carried by both sections. Dell monitors are among the worlds best selling monitors. In particular, the UltraSharp models have been the gold standard when it comes to professional-grade, high-quality panels.

Discount Tips For Dell Home And Dell Office

Purchasing a laptop or PC can place a huge strain on your budget. However, it doesnt need to be that way. There are a number of different ways that Dell offers to save you money, beginning with offering plenty of coupons. It is most likely that you can find a coupon code that will slash 10 to 40% off of the regular price. There are also free shipping codes that are offered on a fairly regular basis. Although the most common coupons are for computers (for more general categories and also specific models), there may also be other small discounts (usually at about 10% off) occasionally on other electronics. Also watch for free gift card offer when you make certain minimum purchases. Make sure that you bookmark this page in order to stay current on all of the best coupons.

How To Best Use Dell Coupons

Many promotion codes are available on discounted Dell accessories and computers. Deals may include 25% off on certain products such as a laptops, or it could be a discounted price on a specific model. In the search box at just enter Dell and hit enter. It will display all of the offers and coupons that are available. In order to redeem, just enter the code you got into the coupon entry box and then click on apply coupon. Multiple coupon stacking is allowed by Dell, which can result in even more savings for you.

Saving With Dell

Dell offers 48-hour sales and 5-day sales fairly often. The Dell Outlet sections offers additional savings. It features refurbished and discounted laptops, computers and more. The Dell Member Purchase Program also allows you to save if you are a veteran, member of the military, credit union member, association member, government employee, employee or student.

Dells Free Shipping Policy

All of Dell Outlet products come with free shipping. There is also select free shipping promotions and offers on certain other Dell products, including desktops and laptops.

Dell Home Coupons

A wide range of discounts are offered by Dell Home. They may include free gift cards with purchases, instant product savings, coupon codes and much more.Want moreCoupon codes And Promotions ? Join us at KagaCanada

Coupon codes at Dell Home tend to be released all year long. In fact, we have seen as many as 70 issued per month. Therefore, any time you do a search you should find plenty of codes that are readily available. However, you need to find a code that will apply to the item or items you are wanting to purchase because there are no general-use codes.

Computer Discounts

Approximately 70% of all of the codes offered by Dell are computer coupons. They are most frequently offered for laptops and then desktops and finally tablets. The most computer codes that we have seen released by Dell have been in October and November. At times those codes are more general, and apply to a broad selection of products. At other times they might apply only to one specific model or a certain product line.

Broad Use Computer Codes

The broadest coupon codes offered by Dell Home on a PC purchase will apply to desktops and laptops. There are always exclusions, however those codes will let you choose from most of the computers found on Dells website.

On general computer discounts, it is most common for there to be a $50 off coupon with a $599 or $699 minimum purchase. There are also sometimes coupons with higher discounts on larger purchases, like $100 off with a $999 or $1,299 minimum purchase. Those codes get released one to six times a month and have a tendency to last for one month or longer.

Model Specific Computer Codes

Approximate 85% of Dells computer coupons are for select products. That may mean selecting from a certain product line, or a coupon might apply only to one specific model with certain specifications. This discount amount will vary, at times it may be a percentage and at other times it will be a fixed dollar-off amount. Although those codes are limited at times to just eligible models, usually a minimum purchase isnt required and they offer higher savings.

Anti Virus Software

Now you have purchased your new computer system you will need an up to date, state of the art anti virus to protect it for malware, creepware and ransomware nasty stuff. Well we have you covered there also with Norton.

In todays world you have to backup all the time to prevent failures of theft of your data, below are 2 resources we believe will provide you with the best solutions . The top performing online backup in 2016 and 2017 is called , check it out as its very cost effective and very good at backing up all your data.


Free Coupon Class For The Frugal Minded

Free Coupon Class For The Frugal Minded

Week 5: Free Coupon Class (9/20)

Welcome to Week 5 of the ten week couponing course! If you arent sign up, do so below!

See the earlier weeks of the couponing course here:

  • Week 4
  • Week 3
  • Week 2

This week well be working on SCALING UP, which essentially means using more coupons to get more things for free and/or at very cheap prices! This can be used either for your own benefit, or for helping out someone you know who is going through a rough time or for donating to charity. This is who I donate many of my freebies to. I do think it is important to score free things even if I will not use them, because these donations are needed where I work in Kenya. At this point in the course you have learned the basic tools, and now you need to use them again and again to get good at them. Remember, that we rely very heavily on the concept of coupon match-ups. Lets review what those are.

Coupon Match Ups:

Coupon storesmatch-ups are when you match up different types of coupons. There are two main types of coupons:

* manufacturers coupons

* store coupons

Manufacturers couponsare the coupons that come in the Sunday newspapers, or perhaps in a magazine you are reading or at a website you are looking at (printable internet coupons), or inside the box of a product you buy. They are made by the manufacturer of the product and say so on the coupon.

Store couponsare coupons that a particular store puts out. Walgreens, for example, has a weekly flier with weekly deals inside andWalgreens couponsyou can use for that week. CVS also has a weekly flier.

The key to saving big money and getting hundreds in free toiletries and household items every month is in matching up manufacturers coupons with store coupons (including systems like the ECB system at CVS).

How to Match up Coupons:

  1. To succeed at matching up coupons you need a stash of manufacturers coupons. Every Sunday, you should be collecting the coupon inserts in the Sunday paper and putting them in a drawer or box devoted to this class and your coupons. There is no need to cut them yet.
  2. Then, once a week you should come to a blog like Choyster Cash that gives you a list of how the manufacturers coupons you have been stashing away in your coupon drawer match up with the weekly coupons and other deals going at various drugstores (Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, Longs, etc.)
  3. Print out that list from a blog likeChoyster Cash
  4. Then go to your coupon drawer and find the coupons you need that you have stashed away (blogs like mine will list the inserts by the date of that Sunday paper, so I recommend not cutting any of your coupons and keeping the inserts intact so you can easily go back to that dated insert to find the coupon mentioned) and then
  5. Get any other coupons that that blog post says you need (sometimes there are links to new internet printable coupons, and sometimes the store deals are actual coupons that you need to cut out from the weekly store flier)

Write a list of what you will be purchasing and how much it should cost (or follow one of the lists on a blog like this letter-by-letter). Take your calculator to the store.


Saving Your Coupons with thesetop stores

So by now you should have been saving the coupon inserts that come with each Sunday newspaper. Either you are subscribing to this newspaper, or picking up somewhere. If you need to find a Sunday paper that has the coupon inserts go here to this website. So these are the different coupon inserts.

Coupon Insert 1: Smart Source (called SS for short in blogs)

Coupon Insert 2: Red Plum (called RP for short in blogs) or Valassis (called V in blogs) (Check to see if your area still receives this in the Sunday papers here (thanks I heart wags)

Coupon Insert 3:P&G(info on distribution here) When you get them, put the inserts each week, in a drawer or box devoted to yourcouponing. Some weeks, like this one, there may be only one insert and not both in the the papers.

Here is a schedule of which weeks of the year have which inserts. Again: dont bother cutting any coupons out of the inserts until you have read on a blog like Choyster Cash which coupon you need for a particular deal. Just keep them in your drawer or box. So the way you save big money with coupons is combining all the methods we have learned so far on individual deals. This allows you to consistently pick up free or very cheap products on a monthly basis. You have already learned that you can combine an internet printable coupon with a weekly or monthly store deal. Now, we are going to ad in the manufacturers coupons that come in those Sunday inserts, because those are a massive source of potential freebies! : SourceChoyster Cash


Latest AT&T U-Verse Offers Are A Great Saving

Latest AT&T U-Verse Offers Are A Great Saving

Service Offerings From AT&T U-Verse

AT&T has begun offering its customers greater choice by grouping its channel offerings into severaldifferent packages, including U-Family, U200, U300, and U450. This range of packages is incremental, with every one offering more choices compared to previous package. (There are many exceptions.) The U-Family package can be regarded the providers baseline, and each and every package offers at least this amount of service. Including 65 of AT&Ts Stingray Music channels, which there are 75 altogether. The U-Family package is basically a little upgrade towards the former U-Basic package. Similarly, the U450 package is undoubtedly an incremental update for the old U400 package which now includes AT&Ts HD Services pack.

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Specialty channels can be found in themed groups which can be put into any general package. These include the Sports Package, NBA League Pass, HD Services, HD Premium Tier, Adult, and Paquete Espnaol. Paquete Espanol is frequently included in the basic packs described above the results are classified as U200 Latino, U300 Latino, and U450 Latino. International channels may be added to any package one-by-one or grouped together by language groups. Premium movie packages may be included with any subscribers plan at a degree of premium or higher. Obviously, the HD offerings given by AT&T require HD TV hardware to get into.

TheU-Verse channel lineupchanged significantly on February 29, 2016. The next channels were removed:

* Attention (SD Channels: 400, 962 HD Channels: 1100, 1400, 2500)

* Buzz (SD Channels: 300, 851, 961 HD Channels: 1000, 1300, 1851)

* Front Row (SD Channels: 100, 847 HD Channel: 1847)

* Showcase (SD Channels: 800, 964 HD Channel: 1800)

* Sports (SD Channels: 600, 801, 963 HD Channels: 1600, 1801)

* U-Verse Movies (SD Channels: 200, 800, 945, 960 HD Channels: 1200, 1850)

U-Verse Internet

Computers connected to the subscribers residential gateway or DSL modem via Ethernet or Wi-Fi receive internet connection through AT&T.

The provider announced its Max Plus service in November of 2008, originally called Max 18. Max Turbo following in December 2009. Most levels of Internet service (including Basic, Express, Pro, Elite, and Max) may be installed from the subscriber. Max Turbo and Max (ADSL2+) could only be self-installed when the DSL line is isolated from voice telephone lines, which generally demands a professional technician. Only a few subscribers wind up in conditions where they may get faster speeds by using filters or high-quality wiring anymore.

August 26, 2013 saw the roll-out of the strength service by AT&T. The service required a bonded set of conditioned line hooked to aMotorola NVG589 VDSL2+ Gateway.Conditioning the lines and installing the gateway both demand a one-time fee.

In areas without U-Verse TV service, upload speeds are restricted to 1 Mbit/s. VDSL upload speeds are possible in areas who have U-Verse TV service.





moto logo sm 2405
While addressing this weeks 2007 gathering in California, Motorola CEOEd Zanderannounced that Motorola will soon strike its new exciting mobile phone to combat other mobile phones in its segment.

Not many details about this exciting phone are yet unveiled but this new phone will apparently hit the market withvideo-centriccapability to enjoy movies via SD card with30 framesper second potential.

Zander also stated that like other hot Motorola models this new phone will also target European market when the company will officially announce the release of this new device sometimes next week.

No comments about price and detailed features but we will definitely keep you posted