Free Coupon Class For The Frugal Minded

Free Coupon Class For The Frugal Minded

Week 5: Free Coupon Class (9/20)

Welcome to Week 5 of the ten week couponing course! If you arent sign up, do so below!

See the earlier weeks of the couponing course here:

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This week well be working on SCALING UP, which essentially means using more coupons to get more things for free and/or at very cheap prices! This can be used either for your own benefit, or for helping out someone you know who is going through a rough time or for donating to charity. This is who I donate many of my freebies to. I do think it is important to score free things even if I will not use them, because these donations are needed where I work in Kenya. At this point in the course you have learned the basic tools, and now you need to use them again and again to get good at them. Remember, that we rely very heavily on the concept of coupon match-ups. Lets review what those are.

Coupon Match Ups:

Coupon storesmatch-ups are when you match up different types of coupons. There are two main types of coupons:

* manufacturers coupons

* store coupons

Manufacturers couponsare the coupons that come in the Sunday newspapers, or perhaps in a magazine you are reading or at a website you are looking at (printable internet coupons), or inside the box of a product you buy. They are made by the manufacturer of the product and say so on the coupon.

Store couponsare coupons that a particular store puts out. Walgreens, for example, has a weekly flier with weekly deals inside andWalgreens couponsyou can use for that week. CVS also has a weekly flier.

The key to saving big money and getting hundreds in free toiletries and household items every month is in matching up manufacturers coupons with store coupons (including systems like the ECB system at CVS).

How to Match up Coupons:

  1. To succeed at matching up coupons you need a stash of manufacturers coupons. Every Sunday, you should be collecting the coupon inserts in the Sunday paper and putting them in a drawer or box devoted to this class and your coupons. There is no need to cut them yet.
  2. Then, once a week you should come to a blog like Choyster Cash that gives you a list of how the manufacturers coupons you have been stashing away in your coupon drawer match up with the weekly coupons and other deals going at various drugstores (Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, Longs, etc.)
  3. Print out that list from a blog likeChoyster Cash
  4. Then go to your coupon drawer and find the coupons you need that you have stashed away (blogs like mine will list the inserts by the date of that Sunday paper, so I recommend not cutting any of your coupons and keeping the inserts intact so you can easily go back to that dated insert to find the coupon mentioned) and then
  5. Get any other coupons that that blog post says you need (sometimes there are links to new internet printable coupons, and sometimes the store deals are actual coupons that you need to cut out from the weekly store flier)

Write a list of what you will be purchasing and how much it should cost (or follow one of the lists on a blog like this letter-by-letter). Take your calculator to the store.


Saving Your Coupons with thesetop stores

So by now you should have been saving the coupon inserts that come with each Sunday newspaper. Either you are subscribing to this newspaper, or picking up somewhere. If you need to find a Sunday paper that has the coupon inserts go here to this website. So these are the different coupon inserts.

Coupon Insert 1: Smart Source (called SS for short in blogs)

Coupon Insert 2: Red Plum (called RP for short in blogs) or Valassis (called V in blogs) (Check to see if your area still receives this in the Sunday papers here (thanks I heart wags)

Coupon Insert 3:P&G(info on distribution here) When you get them, put the inserts each week, in a drawer or box devoted to yourcouponing. Some weeks, like this one, there may be only one insert and not both in the the papers.

Here is a schedule of which weeks of the year have which inserts. Again: dont bother cutting any coupons out of the inserts until you have read on a blog like Choyster Cash which coupon you need for a particular deal. Just keep them in your drawer or box. So the way you save big money with coupons is combining all the methods we have learned so far on individual deals. This allows you to consistently pick up free or very cheap products on a monthly basis. You have already learned that you can combine an internet printable coupon with a weekly or monthly store deal. Now, we are going to ad in the manufacturers coupons that come in those Sunday inserts, because those are a massive source of potential freebies! : SourceChoyster Cash


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