Using Cloud Storage For Common Backup Purposes

Using Cloud Storage For Common Backup Purposes

Using cloud storage for common backup purposes

Let’s say you are concerned about safety of your data. It’s enough to use computer for an year to realize how it’s important. There are some common causes of loosing data: human error – you accidentally delete your files, software error – some software alone or as a result of your misunderstanding delete or corrupt your files, hardware error – your disk crashes and it’s simply the end of your data if you didn’t have a copy.According to PCmag this is very common

Usually one will buy external HDD to care and backup their data. In this case you have an additional copy of your files on external HDD but immediately are faced to some challenges. At first, your files are in the same place where the disk is. If it’s at home but you are not, and you really need your data it’s an issue. You’ll rarely take external disk because it’s heavy and you’ll significantly increase risk of disk break down by doing this often. Flash drives didn’t provide enough space and are noticeably expensive. OK, let us suppose it’s a rare situation. Then we get another issue: it’s inconvenient to manual copy all that files every time, you can forget to copy certain files and it definitely takes a lot of time. That is you should buy some good backup software in addition to external HDD. So you will have a disk with lifetime somewhere around its average lifetime: it could be a week, a year or 10 years – you’d never know before crash happens. In some cases you will not loose money thanks to warranty, but you will loose data. And that backup software, you know, it updates from time to time, and when it has major update, you will have paid upgrade to newer version, let’s say, once in two years. And all you get for that money and inconvenience – one copy of your data in the same place you store your disk.

What does cloud backup offer? Your data will be stored in no less than 3 copies among cloud service datacenter. It’s always no less than 3 copies. If one copy will be lost due to disk crash, disk will be replaced and data will be copied to new disk. Actually data is copied before new disk appears in datacenter, any service always have hot replacement. And replacement will not cost any additional penny for you. Datacenters are always at a highest security grade, your home or any other place where you keep your external hdd will never met, like security guards or fire control system. Some companies, say, Bullguard store your data in 2 datacenters located in different physical locations. It almost guarantee safety of your data even in case of great disaster or war. Moreover you can access your data from any place in the world. And often you get some other additional features from your cloud backup provider, but not all possible like you get with most popular cloud solutions. But on the other hand you get a lot of space with price lower by an order of magnitude. And it’s not a figure of speech.

How business cloud could be useful for your business?

So you understand that data from your employees PC should be kept in safe backup. We’ll call it 1st level. You could solve it with local backup, which will increase your IT staff spendings, and conceal some issues. Any local solution will have difficulties with scaling. If you have several offices it involves an issue, whether build backup in every office or build one central local backup and somehow connect it with other offices. How much will it cost? Servers located in your office are faced to same risks as employee PCs: fires, floods, robberies, equipment failures. And it will not solve issue of backing up documents your worker will finish at home to be in time for unforeseen event. You may have the only point for local backup if your IT is underutilized. Otherwise cloud solution would be cheaper for you. And it will not subjected to the threats mentioned above. It will likely need some IT work too, but significantly less, than any local backup.

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But it would be silly if new technologies don’t give you any opportunity compared to old one. Except mentioned above cutting costs. Though some cloud providers offer only cloud backup, most of them provide great number of features. We’ll call it 2nd level. If you are familiar with personal cloud, you should guess what to expect, indeed you get more for business. It’s mobile phone apps and browser access, so your employees could work with their data from any place on the earth. If you are a state of the art company, it’s a key argument for you that could boost productivity alone. Synchronize and netdrive will be useful for workers who do some job at home. Sharing is useful not only for one who want to share data with colleague: no customer will like to receive 100MB file from you in attachment. It’s ok when you send 1MB files via email, but it’s inconvenient to receive large files using it.

By the way, recall your colleagues: let’s talk about collaboration. There is, say, 3rd level when you gain all opportunities from business cloud storage. This will add file versioning, when you have several historical versions of every document kept in storage automatically, when you could easily download version dated from previous month and compare changes to the current one. It’s collaboration work when several employees could simultaneously edit same document without any conflicts. All versions and all edits will be well documented. And they will have interface for exchange of views. You shouldn’t care much about security, most cloud solutions use strong encryption, and users configure rules of sharing, if he wants to share documents to co-workers. You get admin console where you setup rules for all employees, what one can do with files, could he share or not, which files he’ll able to share, how much of space is needed etc. If you choose one of the best solutions, employees and admin will get comprehensive toolset: reports and notifications, which will be useful for both parties. Admin will have handy tool to control security and users behaviour, same time users will have complete info of how collaboration is going, who have already downloaded fresh research etc. Of course it’s not the full list of possible business cloud backup features: backup of servers and databases was not covered, browser apps for editing documents, spreadsheets, presentations and so on.See techTW for more on this

Generally with every level up, cloud solution costs more and more, but like in personal cloud, you can choose both among well-known solutions with high fees and less famous with moderate pricing. But aiming at higher levels you get not only cloud data backup, you get big potential for productivity growth. We are trying to disclose all possible alternatives of business cloud you can get.


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