IT Support and Online Data Backup Solutions

IT Support and Online Data Backup Solutions

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, often it is only when problems strike that businesses realise the value of their missing data and the costs of trying to recover or do without it. With increasing pressure from government and insurers to ensure that your data can be retrieved should the unthinkable happen, Data Backup is now a high priority of IT Managers everywhere.

The Red Cell Backup Bank family is a comprehensive range of backup and recovery client software based on Red Cell’s advanced Backup to disk/Backup over IP technology. Red Cell Backup Manager fully automates the backup process, eliminating labour-intensive manual interventions, reducing cost of ownership and preventing errors, which are all too common with traditional tape-based solutions.

Red Cells Backup Solution backs up your data securely using 128-Bit AES Encryption, backing up data across all platforms including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac, Novell, Unix, MS Exchange and Lotus Notes.

Did you know?

42% of all Tape Restores Fail (DTI)

61% of all companies took over 1 full day to recover from System Failures (DTI)

70% of Companies go out of business after a serious data loss (DTI) read more


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