What Are Some Cloud Backup Options To Consider in 2016 And Beyond ?

What Are Some Cloud Backup Options To Consider in 2016 And Beyond ?There are many options available to backup your pc. External hard drives, for example, are a popular option among many people. After plugging in your hard drive, it behaves like a normal, internal hard drive would, making it simple to make backups of files that you want to keep. However, these are still prone to electrical surges, magnetic fields, and physical trauma; solid state drives solve the physical trauma problem, and boast very high speeds, but are still prone to magnets and power surges, as well as quite expensive.

So what other options are there? Well, one option is to backup your files to “the cloud.” The cloud is a term used to describe a server cluster located somewhere else in the world that you access through the internet to either store or retrieve data. The word comes from a description of how networks are diagrammed on paper; when a connection goes to the internet from a local network, that connection is drawn not to a picture of a computer, hub, or other network component, but to a picture of, wait for it, a cloud. Backing up files to the cloud is probably one of the safest things you can do to protect your data, as it sends your data off-site, isolating it from any problem you might experience at your computer’s location. Also, your data is sent to multiple servers, and multiple copies are created, ensuring that it is always available should one server go down. One of the best services around I have found for this is Carbonite.com, When it comes to data protection they stand on top of the world and have a really good pricing structure also , for example you can Carbonite Personal Backup called “Personal Basic” for As low as $42 per year , thats just 11.5 cents per day for amazing protection of all your files.On top of that you can visit one of their partner sites and save an additional 10 to 20 %.

Cloud Backup is more secure than backing up an external hard drive, as the latter is susceptible to get destroyed in the case of a fire in the home, or a natural disaster like a flood or earthquake. In any of those situations, if your computer is destroyed then so is your external hard drive, which may be stored nearby. Get the full article here


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