How Do I Backup My Windows Phone ?

How Do I Backup My Windows Phone ?

Best Options To Backup My Windows Phone

When you need to reset, upgrade or replace your phone, one of the most important thing you should do is to backup all your accounts, apps, settings, and files. comes with built-in tools that can help you to create a full backup very efficiently.

A feature that’s been added to Windows Phone is the ability to back up your settings, wallpaper, home screen arrangement, text messages, photos and videos, passwords, notes and more. This means that it’Windows Phone 8.1s very easy to get everything back exactly the way it was before disaster struck your smartphone, or simply when you upgrade to a new Windows Phone. Here’s how to make a backup of your Windows Phone and how to restore it to a new device. And dont forget about using a cool selfie stick like StickitPro to get amazing photo results with your new Windows Phone. Original Article is here

The backup process is automatic, and it can be found under Settings > Backup > Apps + Settings. Tapping that screen will give you two options, one for Settings backup and another for App backup. Either one can be toggled on or off to make sure backups happen on a regular basis. When enabled, the backups will happen automatically.

Note that in the first screen below, my phone hasn’t been backed up for 16 hours – which is a good reason to manually back it up with Carbonite before making major changes.

Also, in the second screen, notice that some apps won’t work during the backup. Another reason to remember to do manual backups before updating the phone. There could be a lot of data I want to make sure is backed up during that 16 hour slot. If you want to make sure you data is generally backed up each day, make sure that Settings and App Backup is switched to On.

If you don’t want to lose your SMS and MMS, you can back them up to OneDrive, then when you restore your phone, all your conversations will be back in the same place. Keep in mind that deleting a message from your phone also deletes the message from backup.

Windows Phone 8 can automatically backup your device settings to SkyDrive in a manner that is similar to Windows 8. This way, if your phone is stolen or lost, you upgrade to a new phone, or simply choose to reset your current phone, you can restore your previous configuration easily. This backup includes settings for Photos, Camera, sound, Messaging, and the device theme and wallpaper/background. You typically enable backup during the initial device setup. But you can check and modify these settings by visiting Settings, System, Backup.

It gives you an option to include contact photos in the backup, and whether or not you want all the contacts in one big .vcf file, or have a separate .vcf file for each contact. The best part is that it can include contacts from your Google, Facebook and Nokia accounts as well.

Once you’ve made your selection, simply hit the icon on the extreme left, and that starts the backup. Once the contacts are backed up, the app needs you to sign into your OneDrive account. The important thing to note is that you can sign into any OneDrive account and not just the one that’s tied to your phone. This is useful if you’ve (or most likely your parents have) forgotten the password to that MS account.

Most personal files aren’t backed up, but you can customize exactly what’s stored by going to Settings | Backup. Windows Phone updates your backups periodically when it’s connected to Wi-Fi; if you go a week without connecting, it will save a backup using your mobile data connection.

If you want a more comprehensive backup, there’s no direct equivalent to the iTunes or Titanium Backup approaches, but you can synchronize all the data on your phone with a desktop PC by installing the Windows Phone app for desktop.

This creates a safe local copy of your files, should some disaster befall your phone. For extra security, the files can be included in your regular PC backup regime

Once you configure the settings to backup your apps, data, and settings to OneDrive, backups will occur automatically when connected to a Wi-Fi network. Of course, you can force to make a backup at any time from the same settings location.

Now that you have everything backed up, you can safely reset, replace your phone or upgrade to Windows 10 for phone preview knowing that you’ll be able to restore all your data and settings.


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