How To Change AT&T U-verse Router Settings For My Slingbox

How To Change AT&T U-verse Router Settings For My Slingbox

How To Change AT&T U-verse Router Settings For My Slingbox

When you sign up for AT&T U-verse Internet service, you receive a wi-fi gateway that acts as both modem and router. The device comes pre-programmed to enable you to connect and begin browsing the Internet with minimal hassle. You may also access the administration portion of the router and alter nearly any Internet environment to ensure your security, nevertheless.
A Slingbox is a gadget that has to be connected to your ATT UVerse home system in order to run properly. Your Slingbox will be connected to your tv set in addition to your AT&T U-Verse personal computer router. This adds the Slingbox for your network, which will allow you to take content kept on your computer’s hard drive and instantly view it on your television set via streaming technologies.
Verify that your AT&T U-Verse router has at least one Ethernet input available. Your Slingbox will require a single Ethernet enter on the router in order to be linked to your home system. If all the slots on your router are taken up, you will need to disconnect a computer (or purchase a bigger router) to be able to have your Slingbox attached to your network simultaneously with all of other machines.
Plug an Ethernet cable connector into the back of your Slingbox. Your Slingbox has one Ethernet input on the back of its case.
Connect the same Ethernet cable towards the available input you found on the back of your router. This will automatically add your Slingbox to your AT&T U-Verse house network.
Many people who have a multiple-router system aren’t even aware of it until they attempt to set up their Slingbox. It’s becoming more present with find house networks which have more than one router, as house networking gear increases in popularity.
One option is to visit http: // and click on the protect next to Firewall. then click DMZ, Applications and Pinholes click on the IP address of the sling box and click Add a new user-defined application and configure the settings, after you are done it will require you back again and you have to get the Application Profile Name that you just set and click the add button to the right.
In addition to basic wireless configurations, you can make advanced changes to your network. You are able to ensure that only authorized computers access your online using “MAC Address Filtering,” which allows only wireless devices with white-colored-outlined MAC deals with access to the network. You can also ahead ports together with your wireless gadget for network and gaming applications.

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